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AlfalfaHayAlfalfa HayAlso called lucerne, is a perennial flowering plant in the pea family. It is an excellent source of fiber and protein. Alfalfa hay is typically used for feeding livestock such as dairy cows, horses, and other animals.It has a higher feed value and is best suited for performance horse, brood mares, and younger horses that are still in their growth stage.
AlfalfaMixHayAlfalfa Mix HayThis is mix of Alfalfa with ether Timothy, Orchard Grass or Brome Hay. Mixes contain various percentages of each hay depending on the area in which it is grown and seeding rate of the grasses. Mixes allow for a higher protein hay than comes from the alfalfa plant alone and provides more roughage/fiber than feeding just straight alfalfa. It is an excellent choice for younger horse that need the extra protein, but is not recommended for easy keepers that don’t require much feed to maintain body weight.
TimothyHayTimothy HayTimothy Grass Hay is an exceptional source of roughage and fiber. Timothy grass hay is considered a top feed for horses and is a staple of the horse racing industry.
BromeHayBrome HayBrome Hay is very palatable to horses and can be fed free choice. Brome features plentiful basal leaves and few stems. It has a high leaf to stem ratio making it a softer hay than Timothy. Brome is becoming many horse lovers favorite hay as it grows in popularity.
OrchardGrassHayOrchard Grass HayOrchard Grass Hay is a soft leaf variety grass with a high leaf to stem ratio. This makes it one of the most palatable grass hays for horses. Orchard Grass must be harvested in early boot stage, with heads showing good purple blue color. This can be difficult to predict from season-to-season because its peak harvest time is in  mid-May when most growing areas are fighting spring rains.
WheatStrawWheat StrawWheat Straw is a byproduct of grain production. Its main uses are for erosion control, hydro-seeding operations, and bedding of animals.While there is very little feed value in straw, it is sometimes used as a filler or to add fiber to the daily rations of dairy cows.

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