Covenant Hay Company

Custom Processing of Your Orders

Covenant Hay Company is able to customize bale size, weight and density to meet your needs. We harvest with highly efficient large-bale processing equipment and store our product in-doors. Then we re-process our material into bales that meet the needs of your farm or industry.

Not all bales are the same! The ideal bale size and density depends on your intended use, the product’s moisture content and even the method of transportation to your facility. Our knowledgeable sales team can help you! Call us today and we’ll design and deliver bales that are suited to YOUR needs.

Custom bale processing saves YOU money. Many forage product providers optimize bale size and density to meet their needs. Some providers produce very light bales, then charge by-the-bale pricing that only seems like a bargain. Others use high-pressure double-density presses to minimize their transportation costs; damaging the delicate leaves of your feed in the process.

Covenant Hay Company is committed to delivering a quality product that provides real savings to our customersCall us today and we’ll customize your order to maximize your usable product, while minimizing transportation costs based on your location and intended use.

Buying hay or straw by the bale can cost you. Bales can weight anywhere from 30 to 90 lbs! The less they weigh, the less of a bargain you are getting. Just how much is that bale really costing you? Find out using our bale weight-to-cost comparison chart.


Bale Options:

Covenant Hay Company can provide the following range of bale sizes and densities.
Call us today to find out which bale will best suit your needs.