Covenant Hay Company

Our Company

A Reputation of Honesty and Integrity

Covenant Hay Company has been involved in the production, sale and transportation of forage products since 1998. During that time Covenant Hay Company has established a reputation of honesty and integrity among our customers and dealers causing  our business to increase in sales annually each year.

The Right Products and Location

We produce our own materials from field to dock, as well as broker high quality Mid-Western hay for sales across the United States. Our Mid-Atlantic bale-processing and storage facilities are ideally suited to support exports from Eastern U.S. ports.

A Commitment to Quality and Competitive Prices

Covenant Hay Company is committed to providing the highest forage products at competitive prices. Our investments in large bale harvesting equipment, large-bale to small-bale conversion systems and indoor storage facilities allow us to reduce fuel and labor costs while maximizing product quality—benefits we pass on to our customers.

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