Covenant Hay Company

Our History

A Lifetime of Experience

Owner Paul Murray was raised on a horse farm and has been in involved in the agricultural industry all his life. In 1998 he started Covenant Hay Company, LLC; brokering hay and straw and making deliveries with a single truck.  By 2004 Covenant Hay Company had grown significantly, with a multiple semi-trucks delivering products throughout the Mid- Atlantic region.

Growth and Expansion

In 2005 a supply shortage prompted Covenant Hay Company to begin its own harvesting operations. Within one year, the company acquired a fleet of tractors, bale wagons and over 25 semi trailers. The first year’s production exceeded 65,000 bales. By 2012 Covenant Hay Company was producing over 120,000 small bales and 4,500 large bales of product annually.

Then in 2013 Covenant Hay Company constructed a 55,000 square foot storage and processing facility in Central Maryland. A Steffen 3600 Single-Density Bale Conversion System was installed to custom package bales for a variety of customer needs. Today, the company has over 50 trailers delivering high quality forage products to horse farms, livestock and dairy farms; as well as erosion control and heavy construction industries.

Paul Murray attributes his success to relationship building with his customers.  “Every customer deserves the best quality product, at affordable prices.  That’s what we provide.”