Covenant Hay Company

Hay & Straw For Export

Covenant Hay Company can export high quality western forage products, and straw products for delivery around the globe. All of our feed products ship with a lab analysis of relative feed value and crude protein, ensuring you receive the quality product you ask for.

We can custom process bales to suit your needs—denser bales for low cost shipping, or single density bales to prevent damage to leaves.

Covenant Hay Company’s processing and storage operations are located in Central Maryland, facilitating quick and low cost delivery to major east coast ports.
Livestock shipping: Our east coast location makes us an ideal source for your in transit feeding needs for livestock export.

Our Export Products

  • Alfalfa Hay for Export
  • Alfalfa Mix Hay for Export
  • Timothy Hay for Export
  • Orchard Grass Hay for Export
  • Brome Hay for Export
  • Wheat Straw for Export

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